Want the Best Website Design? Follow These 10 Rules
Want the Best Website Design? Follow These 10 Rules

In today’s online world, everyone is clamouring for the best website design. But what does ‘best website design’ actually mean?

Many businesses make a fatal error when designing their website. They want it to be big, bold and beautiful. Of course, this, in and of itself is not a problem.

It only becomes a problem if the core foundations of web design are not put in place first.

Your website is your online home. It speaks to your potential customers in a profound way.

The question is, what is your website saying about you and your business?

The Best Website Design Starts With Your Intention

A beautiful website is a glorious thing.

But here’s the thing: It’s not the most important thing.

And, while your website must certainly be attractive and even dazzling, there’s simply no point in having one if it isn’t doing the one thing it absolutely must be doing.

That, of course, is generating customers.

And generating customers comes in all of the following forms:

  • Capturing leads
  • Helping people to opt-in to your offers
  • Encouraging them to sign-up to things
  • Enticing them to buy something
  • Informing them about why your business fits their needs

All the traffic in the world might arrive at your website, but if you are not converting that traffic into potential customers, your website will fail. And failure is simply not an option.

Success starts with the best website design. Success starts when you follow these 10 rules.

10 Rules for the Best Website Design

1. UXD – User Experience Design

UXD might sound like gobbledygook but it’s simply just tech talk for putting the experience of your user at the heart of everything you do. Best website design begins and ends with the user in mind.

Your website is there to serve the needs of a very specific group of people – your target audience. Who knows that audience better than you?

What are the core needs and wants of that target audience? What are they coming to your website for?

Once you’ve asked these questions you can design your website around the answers.

2. Simple Navigation

Most people who come to your website are not visiting to admire the beauty of your design. They’re looking for something.

The best website design will always give it to them.

Your website must be easy to browse. Good organisation is key here and you should aim for a top-down design.

Your typeface is important too. Don’t use more than 3 different ones and never go above 3 different sizes.

3. Headlines

Did you know that human beings have a lower attention span than a goldfish? Or how about the notion that the average reader will give you 15 seconds to impress them before they move on to the next interesting thing?

If your website isn’t luring them in within a few seconds, your customers are gone.

Your website should ensure that visitors naturally gravitate towards the most vital information first.

The easiest way to do this is by making great use of headlines. Make the most important headlines the largest and always put them above the fold.

4. Layout

Skim reading has almost become an art form in today’s online world. Great website design always accounts for this.

Here’s how you can too:

  • Keep everything short, simple and to the point.
  • Use bullet points to highlight key information.
  • Use short lists.
  • Use subheadings
  • Avoid jargon

Your text must be clear, concise and scannable. Everywhere. All the time. There are no exceptions.

5. White Space is Your Best Friend

Think of the Google homepage. Is it bursting with information? Is it overloaded with images, videos and text?

Of course not. It’s basically a search bar surrounded by white space.

The best website design is always focused on usability. And white space, or negative space as it is also known, is not only a thing of beauty, it’s a one-way ticket to simplicity.

Simplicity is the key to many things in life. Don’t be afraid of white space. Embrace it.

6. Use Visual Elements

Multimedia content, when used correctly, can significantly add to your website. Here a few things to keep in mind:

  • Speak directly to your customer in any videos you choose to use.
  • Make sure your videos are optimised for all browsers
  • Use HTML5 video. It’s the best.
  • With images, buy the best ones you can afford
  • Always ensure that any visual elements you choose to use fit into your brand’s identity

7. Your Website Must Be Responsive

It’s a good idea to invest in a flexible website structure with built in responsive design.

Why? Because people today are going online across a range of different devices and they’re using multiple browsers to do so.

Your website simply must be optimised for every device and every browser. Anything else and you’re leaving your customers with a substandard experience.

8. Avoid Standard Templates

When you’re starting out, it may be less expensive to use a standard website template. But, this comes with a major caveat.

Standard templates can actually hinder the success of your website. In best website design, one size does not fit all.

Forcing text into a set template can have a massive effect on usability. It also has serious implications for search engine optimisation. If you want your website to appear first under various keywords in a Google search, it’s important to have your site coded specifically with that intention.

9. Your Call-to-Action

In general, the best place to put your most important call-to-action is above the fold, on the left of your page. This is because of the way our eyes process information. Most people scan sites from left to right.

It’s also essential that any call-to-action you use begins with an action verb. Here are some simple examples:

  • Buy Now
  • Learn More
  • Start Here
  • Donate
  • Sign Me Up

10. No Mistakes, Ever

Everything you put on your website matters. Every word, every headline, every picture, every video. Everything matters.

But nothing matters more than a first impression.

Your website must have a grand total of zero typos. It cannot have any broken links. In short, there can be no mistakes.

Best website design is always error free. Now and forever.

Best Website Design – Taking You From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

So, you’re all set. Incorporating these ten rules into your web design will greatly enhance your customer’s experience. It will also ensure that your website’s usability is top notch.

Your website is your home. It’s your shop floor. It’s the doorway into your world.

Your task is to make that doorway as interesting as possible. But, what rests behind that door is equally important.

The best website design is always focused on two core things:

Attracting customers and keeping them.

For you and your website, that, is the name of the game.


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