Should your website be responsive?
Should your website be responsive?

The short answer would be, ‘Yes!’; but it’s useful to know why businesses should be making their websites responsive now.

With the rise in the amount of devices used by people within the last few years it has never been more important to have a responsive website design that is effective for each of them. When using responsive design, your website will reconfigure to the layout of a phone, tablet or other device with ease.

A mobile friendly website is fast becoming a necessity for businesses with more and more people purchasing items from their phones. A typical website design will have one URL and the same HTML regardless of what device is being used so Google & other search engines can still index and organise content. However, 46% of mobile users say they have difficulty interacting with web pages and 44% say that websites are difficult to navigate when using a smartphone.

A significant number of marketers say that they are average, behind the times or completely hopeless when it comes to responsive web design, with only 22% admitting to being ahead of the curve. The basic fact is, a lot of businesses could be losing out on sales due to this simple change.

A great 48% of users have said that if they land on a website that isn’t responsive while using their mobiles, they take it as an indication that the company just doesn’t care and move on. This generally means that if your website isn’t responsive enough for a user, your competitor will get the sale. In comparison, 62% of businesses that have websites that have been updated to include a responsive design have reported increased sales.

One such example of the use of a responsive website design is a gentleman who comes across a golf apparel retailer. This gentleman may view the website on his PC at work then use his smartphone to browse the website on his way home and then finally make a purchase on his tablet the same evening.

If the website fails on one or all of the devices, the sale is lost.

Having said this and considering the statistics, it’s clear to see why having a responsive website is so important these days but luckily; with the help of Stress Free Media, it’s a problem that’s fairly easily fixed.


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