How important are your website sales?
How important are your website sales?

As the world becomes a more technical place, the majority of people are using at least two devices a day to do their online browsing.

As the market continues to grow globally, successful businesses have put more time into perfecting their online presence and the results speak for themselves. With the help of Stress Free Media Ecommerce packages your business could be reaping the rewards of an online presence.

In 2011, £1.1 billion of retail sales were influenced by the web and in 2013, the amount of people using their mobiles to purchase online increased by 304% totalling around £87 billion. By using as manageable ecommerce package, businesses can utilise what the internet has to offer and increase sales rapidly. More than 13% of online sales now come from mobile devices and around 86.6% of SME’s admit that websites are the most important digital marketing tool. The advantages of having an ecommerce website are overwhelming for modern businesses that wish to thrive; it’s a must have for continued success.

An ecommerce package from Stress Free Media can make your business life much easier.

You’ll no longer have to worry about advertising to reach your target audience and that in itself will lower costs.

A product update or information change can be done at the click of your fingers and immediately published on your website for your customers to see.

It can also give your customers the advantage of using online coupons, viewing the latest bargains in the comfort of their own homes , and it eliminate their travel time and cost.

By using our range of expertise you can make sure that your website gets reasonable visibility throughout search engines and therefore; your business will be easily found by potential customers and you won’t be bound by geographical ties.

Creating a website and using it to your full advantage could significantly increase your sales, and with the rise in device usage over the last few years; it’s inevitable that more and more people will continue to increase their use of smartphones, tablets, desktops and PC’s in the future.

For a current business, website sales are vital and continuing to update and refresh a website is just as important. If you think you need an online presence that will bring revenue to your business, contact Stress Free Media and take the first step towards having a modern, successful business.


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