You Can Up Your Lead Conversion Via Your Website: Here’s How to Do It
You Can Up Your Lead Conversion Via Your Website: Here’s How to Do It

Looking for ways to increase your lead conversion?

Who isn’t?

Let’s face it. Lead conversion is as a fundamental as oxygen in keeping your business breathing. It’s the lifeblood of your business and it’s essential for your bottom line.

We’re willing to guess that you’ve put a lot of thought into your website. And, you’re probably fairly certain that you’ve created a beautiful masterpiece.

But a beautiful website is one thing. Lead conversion is quite another.

Lead Conversion: The Ultimate Goal of Your Website

The number one purpose of your website is to turn your visitors into customers. That is where your power is.

Here are two crucial questions to ask of your website as it currently stands:

  • How well is the website performing exactly?
  • What are your visitors doing when they come to your site? Are they staying for the payoff or they simply admiring the view?

If your website is not converting leads into customers, your business has a problem. The good news is we’re here to help.

In lead conversion, the tiny things all add up to the big things. Whatever business you’re in, a small percentage increase in your conversion rate can be the difference that makes the difference.

Perhaps it’s time to make that difference today.

You can significantly increase your lead conversion via your website. Here’s how to do it.

Lead Conversion Via Your Website: The Tricks of the Trade

1. The Power of Your HomePage

Your Homepage is probably the most important page on your entire website. After all, it gets the bulk of traffic and it’s from this point that people decide if they want to proceed or leave.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Having a Homepage that delivers on your goals is absolutely critical to your success. But in order to deliver on those goals, you first have to decide what those goals actually are.

In this and in all things on your website, clarity is power.

What do you want your Homepage to do? What is your priority?

Everything else on your website must flow from there.

2. Easy Navigation

The absolute bedrock of any lead converting website is ease of navigation.

If people find your website difficult to use, they’ll leave. If it doesn’t grab their attention, they’re gone. Pronto.

Coupled with this is the fact that most people will only skim read certain parts of your website. As a result, you must direct viewers to the most vital information first.

Here’s how to make that information stand out:

  • Keeping it short and simple
  • Put it above the fold from top-to-bottom
  • Turn it into a headline
  • Start subheadings and headings with information carrying words

3. Limit Choices

Sometimes a website fails in lead conversion by trying to offer too many things to too many different people.

You can help your sales immeasurably by focusing your efforts on the vital few decisions you want your leads to make.

How exactly do you do that? You do it by limiting the choices they have.

Hick’s Law is well known in website design. Basically, it states that the time it takes for someone to make a decision is directly proportionate to the possible choice he/she has.

Every page on your website must have one, core objective. What actions are the most important to turn this lead into a sale?

By limiting the choices on offer you can direct your lead wherever you want them to go.

4. Responsive Web Design

If you are going to hoover up all possible lead conversion opportunities, your website has simply got to be responsive to all existing platforms. It has to look great and it has to feel great on any and all screens.

The way we browse the web has changed profoundly in recent times. If a person using a smartphone cannot see your website the way you have intended, you are losing conversions.

5. Have a Call-to-Action Strategy

For lead conversion, your call-to-action is essential. There are two key reasons for this:

  • A good call-to-action implores your lead to take the next step
  • It offers you a way to measure your success

Your Sales Funnel

The main aim of your sales funnel is to move leads along from one stage to another until they are ready to make a purchase.

Your Call-to-Action

The central aim of any call-to-action should be specifically constructed with your sales funnel in mind.

  • Who exactly are the people on your website?
  • Are they visitors?
  • Are they leads?
  • Are they existing customers?

Your call-to-action should be a direct appeal to each different category at whichever stage they are at.

By understanding that you want each category to do something different, you can create a different call-to-action depending on your goal.

6. Implementing that Call-to-Action Strategy

For maximum lead conversion, you should have a call-to-action on every page. Each one will be different.

For example:

On the homepage of your website, the vast majority of visitors are probably looking for further information on your offerings. In this case, the goal of your call-to-action is to provide them with that information. Once they have that, you can move them along to another call-to-action.

In all cases, position your primary call-to-action above the fold. Secondary ones can go below the fold.

You should also look to use verbs like these:

  • Call
  • Register
  • Subscribe

6. Social Proof

Like it or not, we are social animals. We care what other people think and we always like to feel in the loop.

For lead conversion, social proof is imperative. It’s a powerful indicator of trust on any website and it also creates a much-needed buzz about your product or service.

The best way to use social proof comes in the form of testimonials. Package the opinions of others into a few short quotes on your Homepage – you can link to longer case studies if you want to.

Go one step further and provide a photo and the person’s name and you add further credibility to your website.

7. Offer Multiple Payment Options

One of the quickest ways to boost your lead conversion is to remove the obstacles that people face when they want to take action.

Your product is great. Your service is super. Now, why not make the sale easy and hassle-free for your customer?

Accept all kinds of payments and offer those forms of payments throughout your website. If you don’t know how to do that, there’s lots of help available.

Your bottom line will thank you for it.

Lead Conversion and Your Website – Two Sides of the Same Coin

So, there you have it.

Are you ready to take your lead conversion to the next level? With these clever tricks of website design, you can do just that and so much more besides.

You’ve now got all the information you need to smash your lead conversion targets.

The question is, will you?


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